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Nodes Of Ranvier [Discography]


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Thine Eyes Bleed [Discography]

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Norma Jean [Discography]


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Fights And Fires: We Could All Be Dead Tomorrow [Track By Track] [Exclusive]


Track 1: Chase The Blues
Fights And Fires: We always try to bring something different with each record. On our first EP we started off with a slow burn, then on our first album we kicked off by being fast and aggressive. When it came to “We Could All Be Dead Tomorrow” we decided to get just skip the whole intro to the album concept and throw the listener in at the dead end with an anthemic, catchy song.

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Eager Teeth: Eager Teeth [Track By Track] [Exclusive]

When approaching this record, we’d decided on a somewhat southern-rock, garage-y, understated vision in terms of production. Too many alt-rock records these days suffer from sounding too shiny, too polished, too precise. We wanted the squeaks and the crackles. Tom Mitchener was more than capable of helming this vision, being a fan of a lot of records that we admired stylistically and where we felt we sat most comfortable and ultimately, like some of us, was not a metaller but an indie kid at heart. As such we set ourselves strict guidelines in order to keep the record sounding organic, honest and real, and not stripped of all soul: No click track or beat matching; Read the rest of this entry

ValFreya: Path To Eternity [Track By Track] [Exclusive]

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Path To Eternity (intro)

Deity’s Grace
ValFreya: It’s the first piece that Crook has ever composed for Valfreya. “Deity’s Grace” tells us about the resurection of the vikings by Freya. The song begins with a glorious intro representing the honor of the warriors coming back to life in order to have a second chance to get to Valhalla. Freya appears shortly after, she calls them out during a verse. The riffs Read the rest of this entry

Derelict: Perpetuation [Track by Track] [Exclusive]

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Eric: I wrote the music for this song after a very important band meeting. We had lost some members and were at the point where it was sink or swim, either we pulled together and continued the band, or called it a day. We decided to soldier on, so I sat down with my guitar and decided to write something that for me was the embodiment of the Derelict sound. When I was done, we all thought it was a good flagship song for the album, so Read the rest of this entry

Today I Caught The Plague guitarist Ben Davis talks about Band Jobs


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