Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Genre: Metal
Label: SharpTone Records
Sites: Official.Facebook.Twitter

Ignite [Lyric Video]
Public Apology [Song Stream]
Hate Me [Music Video Behind The Scenes]
Hate Me [Song Stream]
Horsepig [Song Stream]
Shots For The Boys [Music Video Teaser]
Moms On Metal [Episode 1: Attila – About That Life]
About That Life [Music Video Teaser]
About That Life [Album Preview]
Middle Fingers Up [Song Stream]
Studio Update 4 [Studio Footage]
Studio Update 2 [Studio Footage]
Harlem Shake [Video Clip]
Studio Update 1 [Studio Footage]
Party With The Devil [Lyric Video] [Song Stream]
Fronzilla Friday:
Episode 14: Sleeping With Sirens “Reverse Boner”
Episode 13: Truth Or Dare
Episode 12: Rick The Mechanic
Episode 11: I See Stars
Episode 10: Crown The Empire
Episode 9: Shit Talkin’
Episode 8: Mommy Makeover
Episode 7: Eating Meat With Vegans
Episode 6: Let’s Get Ripped, Brah!
Episode 5: Free Haircuts
Episode 4: DUI
Episode 3: I Love Boobies
Episode 2: Fronz & Friends With Kellin Quinn Of Sleeping With Sirens
Episode 1: I’m An American! (Beef Jerky)
Album Streams:
About That Life
Music Videos:
Let’s Get Abducted
Hate Me
Proving Grounds
Shots For The Boys
Middle Fingers Up
About That Life
Break Shit