Hometown: Gatineau, QC
Genre: Metal
Label: Noise Salvation
Sites: Facebook

Storm Of Silence [Song Stream]
Prey [Song Stream]
The Past Of Most Resistance [Song Stream]
False Hope [Song Stream]
Solitude [Song Stream]
Nukestalgia [Song Stream]
Skid Etiquette [Song Stream]
Disabused [Song Stream]
Disease In Friction [Song Stream]
L’impasse [Song Stream]
Everyone Is Robbing The Dead [Live In Whitby]
Thief (Warsore Cover) [Song Stream]
Amer [EP Teaser]
Kelowna [Song Stream]
Album Streams:
Desire Will Rot
Abandoned [EP]
Amer [EP]
Die Miserable
Disgorge Mexico
Music Videos:
Everywhere Yet Nowhere
The Path Of Most Resistance
L’enclume et le Marteau

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