Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Genre: Metal
Label: Tradecraft Records/Universal Music
Sites: Official.Facebook.Twitter

Dystopia [Song Stream]
Fatal Illusion [Song Stream]
Countdown To Extinction [Live At The Fox Theater/2012]
Kingmaker [Song Stream]
Super Collider [Song Stream]
Singapore Asia [Behind The Scenes Footage]
Thailand [Behind The Scenes Footage]
Manila, Philippines [Behind The Scenes Footage]
Vic’s Garage:
Vic’s Garage [Studio Update 11]
Vic’s Garage [Studio Update 10]
Vic’s Garage [Studio Update 9]
Vic’s Garage [Studio Update 8]
Vic’s Garage [Studio Update 7]
Vic’s Garage [Studio Update 6]
Vic’s Garage [Studio Report 5]
Vic’s Garage [Studio Report 4]
Vic’s Garage [Studio Update #3]
Vic’s Garage December 2012 [Studio Footage]
Album Streams:
Countdown To Extinction
Music Videos:
Conquer Or Die!
Post American World
The Threat Is Real
Back In The Day
Super Collider

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