Hometown: Houston, TX
Genre: Metal
Label: Prosthetic Records
Sites: Official.Facebook.Twitter

Astral Kids [Song Stream]
Kestrel [Song Stream]
Soria Moria [Song Teaser]
Blue Sun [Song Teaser]
The Isle Of Mull [Song Teaser]
Trapped In Ice [Song Teaser]
Pontus Euxinus [Song Teaser]
Oort Cloud [Song Teaser]
Kestrel [Song Teaser]
The Golden Bird [Song Teaser]
The Migration [Album Stream]
Oracle [Song Stream]
Atlas Novus [Song Stream]
Odyssey [Song Stream]
The Migration [Guitar Studio Footage]
The Migration [Studio Footage]
The Migration [Writing Session Teaser]
Dunes [Guitar Play Through Video]
Drifting Figures [Bass Play Through Video]
Gallows [Song Stream]
Music Videos:
Neon Tombs
Blue Sun

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