Hometown: Orem, Utah
Genre: Rock
Label: Anger Music Group / Hopeless Records
Sites: Official.Facebook.Twitter

The Bird And The Worm [Live And Acoustic At The Palace]
The Ocean Of The Sky [The Making Of] (2)
The Ocean Of The Sky [The Making Of]
Put Me Out [Music Video Teaser]
Album Streams:
Live & Acoustic At The Palace
Music Videos:
The Ocean Of The Sky
Thought Criminal
Iddy Biddy
Put Me Out
Hands And Faces
I Come Alive
Born to Quit
Blood On My Hands (Uncensored)
Pretty Handsome Awkward
Liar Liar (Burn in Hell)
The Bird and the Worm
Under Pressure (with My Chemical Romance)
I Caught Fire
All That I’ve Got
Take It Away
Blue And Yellow
Buried Myself Alive
The Taste Of Ink
A Box Full Of Sharp Objects

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