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Date: June 15, 2012
Venue: Rotilicious Restaurant
Location: Ajax, ON, Canada
Promoter: T-800 Productions
Line Up: Exes For Eyes, Derelict, Odium

This was my first time at Rotilicious Restaurant for a show. When I got there, I headed down to the basement to find a jam space with show flyers plastered on the walls. This space was a hot/stuffy place but, it was going to be the home of some kickass metal for the night. As soon as I walked through the doors I was greeted by Eric Burnet, vocalist of Derelict, who introduced me to the rest of his group. I bought a copy of their old EP Carry The Flame (Buy it, its rad). A while after some more kids walked down the stairs and the first band Odium started.

Odium: The Walkerton, ON metallers hit the floor hard performing songs from their new album Burning The Bridges To Nowhere and the previous release At The Bottom, both released on Year Of The Sun Records. They were stunning with heavy instrumentals and shouting/singing vocals. The crowd were definitely into Odium as the fans chanted for one last song, which Odium delivered.

Odium: Burning The Bridges To Nowhere [Album Stream/Buy]

Derelict: After getting wooed by Odium, Derelict stormed the stage with their technical death metal. Sporting two new members, Xavier Sperdouklis (bass) and Simon Cléroux (guitar), the Quebecers were tight starting their set with “Machete” (Unspoken Words). Through the set though we got to hear a large amount of the new record Perpetuation, which I highly suggest everyone to hear as it is in my opinion one of the best death metal records ever. Anyways these guys can really play as they shredded their instruments and Eric growled as if he was “Summoning The Firestorm”. Anyways, after a set like this fans necks were probably messed up from all the headbanging, but that didn’t stop them from rocking out one last time…

Derelict: Perpetuation [Album Stream/Buy]

Exes For Eyes: The sort of local boys were once again rocking Rotilicious Restaurant, where they shot their music videos “Feel Again” and “Stop Thinking, Start Feeling”. Fans and friends came out supporting the metallers as EFE drunkenly ripped out songs from The Amsler Grid (Year Of The Sun Records). About half way through the set, Big James Arsenian dedicated the song “A Horrible Mistake” (I think) to me which was totally rad. Anyways during the bands performance, fans went into a chaotic frenzy throwing each other around and singing with Dave and James. Funny enough it seems a fan even bit James’s hand as he made his way to the golden mic.

Exes For Eyes: The Amsler Grid [Album Stream/Buy]

The night was a definite success with Odium, Derelict and Exes For Eyes kicking Ajax’s ass hard on a Friday night. I hope these 3 make it around to the area again. And just before I leave, please check out these bands, support them by buying their music (which you can on the players) so that they have the money to stay alive. Also if anyone has any photos/video footage I would love to see it (post in the comments).

Review By: CheeK