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Wow…I feel like I am back in English class, with my hot teacher who use to have to snap her fingers to get my attention instead of scribbling band logos on my binder/lined paper. Yes the Revelation Records Crash Course VA album that Revelation Records has released on Amazon contains music from my school days.

You can hear artists such as Quicksand, The Movielife, Dag Nasty, The Nerve Agents, Texas Is The Reason, Sense Field, our buddy Matt’s band Shai Hulud and many others on this digital release. Check out the track listing below and download the album HERE.

Track Listing:

01. By A Thread – Fashion
02. Shook Ones – Pheasant
03. Down To Nothing – Higher Learning
04. Bold – Looking Back
05. Judge – Bringin’ It Down
06. Shai Hulud – This Song: For The True And Passionate Lovers Of Music
07. Dag Nasty – Twisted Again
08. Will Haven – Carpe Diem
09. The Movielife – Single White Female
10. Elliott – Drive On To Me
11. The Nerve Agents – Fall Of The All American
12. Texas Is The Reason – Back And To The Left
13. Sense Field – Building
14. Farside – Audience
15. Inside Out – No Spiritual Surrender
16. Quicksand – Omission
17. Gorilla Biscuits – New Direction
18. Chain Of Strength – True Till Death
19. Youth Of Today – Break Down The Walls
20. Sick Of It All – It’s Clobberin’ Time
21. Down To Nothing – Where It Went