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Rating: 7/10
Label: Victory Records

When All Out War played their first show a riot ensued resulting in the police intervening. Years later, the band played in the house of god where assassins broke loose. Now that would be a crazy situation to be in. They should make it into a movie and I know the perfect soundtrack for it… Assassins In The House Of God by All Out War.

A draw I have for All Out War is their ability to keep to the roots of old hardcore while remaining current and fresh for fans. They are thrashier then today’s general hardcore bands and they resist the urge to plaster breakdowns throughout their music. The high use of shouting keeps one pumped throughout the album. Assassins In The House Of God is an album not to be reckoned with. I think anyone who likes hardcore should check out this record to gain a better understanding of the genre’s roots.

Track Listing:

01. Curtain Call For The Crucified
02. Behind The Crescent And The Cross
03. Politics Of Apathy
04. Assassins In The House Of God
05. Into The Arms Of Annihilation
06. Glorified In Deceit
07. Drenched In Defeat
08. The Angels Of Genocide
09. Beyond Redemption
10. When Your Gods Have Failed
11. And All Shall Suffer

Run Time: 38:02
Release Date: 2007

All Out War: Band Page

For Fans Of: Arise And Ruin, Ringworm, Freya

Review By: CheeK