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Rating: 7.1
Label: Maple Metal Records

North America has witnessed a decline in singing as bands swing towards the current trend of screaming and or growling. Despite this, Kemilon has taken it upon themselves to help revive the melodic voice with their power metal sound. Rising from Quebec, these metallers released their Maple Metal Records debut Twisted Storm.

On this album, Kemilon have created 9 songs of power metal and an instrumental intro. The focus, like most records in this genera, are the strengthened vocals of Yan Gagné which are occasionally backed by guest vocalist Jasio Kulakowski (Shadowblade). However, the vocals cannot take all the credit; the instrumentals are exceptional with great harmonies between the guitars and keyboard. Not many power metal bands up their performance instrumentally.

Twisted Storm sees guest vocals from label-mate Max Beriault (Korpius) who offers his death metal growls on the track “Sons Of Lies”. Make sure you pick up a copy of this album and support Canadian power metal.

Track Listing:

01. Beyond Frontiers
02. Ocean Of Insanity
03. The Gates Of Heavy Metal
04. Night Shades
05. Wormhole
06. Sons Of Lies
07. The Glow
08. Warriors Of Space
09. The Revolution
10. Twisted Storm

Run Time: 46:13
Release Date: 2012

Kemilon: Band Page

For Fans Of: Shadowblade, Korpius, Sangre Eterna

Review By: CheeK