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Path To Eternity (intro)

Deity’s Grace
ValFreya: It’s the first piece that Crook has ever composed for Valfreya. “Deity’s Grace” tells us about the resurection of the vikings by Freya. The song begins with a glorious intro representing the honor of the warriors coming back to life in order to have a second chance to get to Valhalla. Freya appears shortly after, she calls them out during a verse. The riffs then become more aggressive without losing it’s glorious touch.

ValFreya: “Inferno” represents Muspleheim, the world of fire within Norse Mythology. With the use of keyboards, Crook attempted to create the dynamics of endlessly oscillating fire. The guitars bring the feeling of danger approaching to the listener. In this song, the vikings must recuperate an eternal flame for one of the three Norns. They face danger once more as they travel through this land. Each member added a little bit of their own personal touch to their own partitions. [image]

Beyond Illusions
ValFreya: For “Beyond Illusions”, we started off the song around the lyrics or the idea we wanted to bring to the song given the storyline. So, it would have to be a very folk-oriented song. Graz’zt started with an acoustic guitar idea written a while ago, adding the flute on top of that. Then was added ideas by Mawhjey for the distortion part as well as the clean part in the middle of the song. Crook had her say and added her touch to the song to finally make it what it currently is. It was a team effort and that is what makes this song stand out in some way. All the other songs are written exclusively by Crook. The rest of the band just added their touch to the already existing parts, adapting them to their playing style. The actual lyrics were written by Graz’zt to complete the song. [Image]

Ocean’s Assault
ValFreya: “Ocean’s Assault” is a passage inbetween Álfheim (Beyond Illusions) and Jötunheim (Confront Immensity).

It speaks of a trip through the oceans. Slightly intimidated by the challenge they have to face, the warriors are even more decided to bring their quest to an end. What’s better than riffs in 3/4 to represent the rhythm of the waves? Crook sets the mood of the sea with the harp music and the constant 3/4 time signature. A storm also sets in with the more aggressive riffs, each member also added their own personal touch to their own parts to enhance the song.

Confront Immensity
ValFreya: Crook has composed the opening riff long before Valfreya’s birth. It was inspired by a battle. During “Confront Immensity” the heroes must explore Jotunheim, the world of giants in order to retrieve a part of the roots from the Yggdrasil. The root is in the fountain which is the source of wisdom and intelligence.
The parts are arranged in order to bring out the feel of a battle. The music settles down eventually to represent the honor of the vikings once they reach the fountain. [Image]

“Beyond Illusions”

Condemned World
ValFreya: Crook was listening to the radio and the music that was playing was some progressive rock/metal and she felt like writing something a little more prog for Valfreya. “Condemned World” is a very black metal-ish song with a more progressive aspect on the bridge part. The song talks about the world of the dead, Niflheim, which is a land of mist and ice. [Image]

ValFreya: Crook wrote this song about a year and a half before Valfreya was formed. When the story for the album was created, she brought quite a few modifications to the song for it to sound more folk / viking but still keeping the overall form of the original. “Alefest” represents the world of men in norse mythology. The vikings in the story have to get some mead for one of the norns and along the way, they make sure to drink plenty of it and get drunk. [Image]

My Everlasting Star
ValFreya: “My Everlasting Star” is a pretty simple song but it took a while to write. Crook wanted the riffs in the song to inspire the proper feelings felt in the song: nostalgia, honor and death. This is the last song on the album and the end of that story arc. The viking warriors have finally completed their deeds and are ready to go to Valhalla.  They are honored to accept death. [Image]

Glorious Death (outro)

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