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Check out Matt Heafy’s royalty cheque for his latest album In Waves on Roadrunner Records. After hours of writing, recording and rehearsing the musician is left with just $1.31. I am guessing this was issued in the first quarter of the album sales where they had to pay back their label for the advance they got for the studio/marketing etc.

The reason I bring up this payment Matt H got is to show had crappy it has gotten to be a musician. I am not saying “fuck record labels” or “fuck Roadrunner Records” because without labels like Roadrunner Records, we may never discover such amazing bands as they all get lost in the sea of bands that have access to the internet and also some groups need the start up money and connections. What’s sad is the lack of support fans are willing to give.

Yes we can always blame the label for the money they take from the album sales and the stores that distribute the music but, what we need to really look at are fans. Labels are taking back their money they loaned to the band with interest much like a bank and stores take a cut because they need it to pay off their costs. These costs have been around for years but musicians in the past could pay these off much easier so they can make more money.

We as music fans need to step up our support for the musicians we love and buy their CDs/merch that they sell. We also need to quit stealing music illegally as it is ILLEGAL. My cousin said it well “Downloading music is like printing a picasso painting, its not the same.” Why don’t we care to have the full product but instead just take the shitty quality MP3’s that leak online? Are we that lazy that we don’t care for quality anymore? Is that how lazy we are now? What’s next to let go of in our life? We settle for porn because getting real sex is not as easy to get? Oh man going out to impress someone and then getting condoms thats soooo much, I am just going to sit in my chair and whack off.

I am not saying buy every album from every artist you love. Instead buy ones from the artists you hold dearly. I want you the readers to think on this. Also before I let you go STOP BLAMING RECORD LABELS, they help these artists/bands.