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HTH: You will be playing your biggest home show, Heavy MTL. How stoked are you to play such an event?
We’re stoked as hell! It’s our biggest gig so far and we can’t wait to step on that stage and play in front of all of those people. Well give all we got and enjoy every second of it.

HTH: Any bands you are excited to share the stage with
Cannibal corpse have influenced our sound a lot so that should be something. Lamb Of god if ever Randy gets out of prison. I’m personally a big BTBAM fan so for me this means a lot.

HTH: What can we expect from Dark Century on the Scene De L’Apocalypse stage?
A very energetic show. We like to throw ourselves around a lot on stage and we should have our loyal crew starting mosh pits in the front. It will be great fun for people who will show up when we play for sure.

HTH: For anyone who has not heard Dark Century, how would you describe your sound?
Nothing complicated. Just in your face groovy death metal riffs ala Dying Fetus with elements of thrash, hardcore and rock.

HTH: Any last words for the readers?
Come early at Heavy MTL on Saturday August 11 to check us out. We play at 1PM and we need you in the pit. Then come and see us at the mercy booth. We always like to see new faces at shows.

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