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Sad news Canada, Assassinate The Following has decided to call it quits. Message posted on their Facebook: “Dear Assassinate fans, We, ATF, are sadly parting ways and will no longer be a band. We are all going in different directions in our lives and have decided to assassinate the band. Due to stresses and tension between us, we have decided that our friendships are more important than keeping ATF together. We want to thank everyone for making us who we are today. In the last 6 years, ATF has come across some of the best people in the world and have learned a lot about us. Our fans have been supportive the entire run and if it wasn’t for you guys and girls, we would have nothing today. For everyone that has ever moshed, screamed our lyrics, worn our merch, or ever listened to our music, thank you. It really is people like you that keep bands motivated to give you music. Never stop supporting live music.
ATF wishes everyone the best and we hope you will watch for us in any future bands that make come out of this break up.
Thanks so much.
– Assassinate the Following…”

Hopefully ATF will create new bands soon as these guys kicked ass. Check out their video for “I Once Was” below and go pick up their album Massacre Of The North on Amazon or where ever you buy music.