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Seems Bleeding Through have had to miss a few shows but they have a good reason for it. No they are not pussying out of shows but instead Brandan Schieppati had an emergency orthodontic surgery. The band posted on July 28th: “Brandan had to have three wisdom teeth pulled today — it was a sudden emergency situation. We will not be able to perform in San Diego tonight. Go see the other bands. We will hopefully rejoin the tour on Monday.”

“Hey everyone,
Brandan had to have emergency orthodontic surgery today and we have to cancel this evenings performance. Symptoms started to appear yesterday and put him in a no choice position this morning.
I can assure you from the many messages he has sent the band saying…”I am so sorry” He would do it if he could. We all apologies for any trouble this could have caused and appreciate your support.”

Hopefully Brandan will be doing better soon and can scream/sing for all us fans.