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Date: July 28, 2012
Venue: The Atria
Location: Oshawa, ON, Canada
Promoter: Broken Bones Entertainment
Line Up: Ill Defined, Dead 3 Days, Enter Euphoria, Odium, Left Hand Creation

I got to The Atria about an hour after doors opened. As I proceeded into the venue, I could hear Dead 3 Days on stage which became my background music as I ran into Odium’s vocalist Thomas Emmans who I chatted with till his band were set up on stage.

Dead 3 Day: Born In Abyss [Album Stream/ Download]

Odium: Having just seen Odium in Ajax, ON I knew what to expect. The Walkerton, ON metallers kicked off their set with the title track off their new album Burning The Bridges To Nowhere. Throughout the show, songs from both albums were performed with extreme intensity. They delivered a performance that sounded larger then what The Atria was built for. This was the Oshawa debut for Odium and already they have destroyed our city.

Odium: Burning The Bridges To Nowhere [Album Stream/Buy]

Left Hand Creation: After the behemoth performance from Odium, the locals Left Hand Creation hit the stage and performed their technical death metal tunes. Like every show I have seen of LHC, energy was ozzing out of them as they headbanged/shredded out each song. I got tired just watching them (I felt old haha). I stood beside the stage by Ryan White who amazes me every time I see him play…THE GUY CAN FUCKING SHRED. Left Hand Creation can definitely put on a good show which will definitely help them over rule the Oshawa, ON metal scene.

The night was late and I was tired but It was definitely worth going to see Odium and Left Hand Creation perform in Oshawa on a Friday night. Hopefully Odium will make their way into our neck of the woods again soon. If anyone has any photos/video footage I would love to see it (post in the comments).

Odium: Band Page
Left Hand Creation: Band Page

Review By: CheeK