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Date: August 11, 2012
Venue: Parc Jean Drapeau
Location: Montreal, QC, Canada
Line Up:

Scene Heavy MTL: Diemonds, Veil Of Maya, Between The Buried And Me, Cannibal Corpse, Deftones, System Of A Down

Scene Jagermeister: Job For A Cowboy, Periphery, Kataklysm, Killswitch Engage, Five Finger Death Punch

Scene De L’Apocalypse: Bookakee, Dark Century, Rose Funeral, Exhumed, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Goatwhore, Origin, The Faceless, Battlecross

I got to Parc Jean-Drapeau early joining the massive lineup. Fans were shouting and screaming waiting for the exciting day to begin. When we were finally herded onto the grounds like cattle, a pile up was formed at the Scene Heavy MTL for Diemonds.

Diemonds: The newly signed Underground Operations band took the stage with some loud and nasty heavy metal tunes. They were exactly what the festival needed, like the calm before the storm. Delivering fast and hard hitting tunes, fans threw up the horns and definitely got into the groove. I am excited to see how they do with a blasting live performance and a sound to fit the bill of any metal show in Canada.

Job For A Cowboy: After Diemonds finished we moved over to the Scene Jagermeister where the first deathening band Job For A Cowboy performed. When they first started the power was off as the group was not on the monitors. Luckily they are a loud enough group that close fans could still hear them.. When the power did turn on, everyone could not help but scream along to the songs and pound their heads. Every time I see JFAC they always seem to get better and this performance was no exception. The group blew my mind with songs off their newest album.

Veil Of Maya: When Job For A Cowboy finished, “20/200” played over the monitors making everyone swing back to the Scene Heavy MTL where Veil Of Maya jump into their song “Divided Paths”. Fans were going crazy bouncing up and down to the grooves and great guitar licks of Marc Okubo. VOM definitely brought out a high ratio of young metal heads in the making.

After Veil Of Maya I left to walk around Parc Jean Drapeau and even walking into James of Endast/Exes For Eyes who probably got drunk off his face at the festival. After the talk I saw the De L’Apocalypse stage, then walked back over hearing a bit of Periphery before one of the most popular bands hit the stage.

Between The Buried And Me: The progressive Between The Buried And Me, or as fans were shouting, BTBAM, came on stage and started the day off with “White Walls”. Fans went insane throughout the set which also contained their new track “Telos”. I was fixated on Paul’s guitaring as he ripped off those amazing licks. I swear he is not human.

Set List:
01. White Walls
02. Foam Born, Pt. B: The Decade of Statues
03. Telos
05. Fossil Genera – A Feed From Cloud Mountain

Kataklysm: After some complex music, the local heavy weights Kataklysm pounded the stage performing 20 years of metal that they have written over the years. I watched them for awhile till I headed over to the Scene De L’Apocalypse for Fleshgod Apocalypse.

Fleshgod Apocalypse: With all the ‘gods’ dropping off the festival (Lamb Of God, God Forbod) It’s a surprise Fleshgod Apocalypse made it to the festival. When I got to the stage, the members were wearing their self-band hoodies making sure they were ready to give Montreal, QC a show. WHAT AN AMAZING SHOW!!! These guys kicked things off with a bang and never stopped. Where have these guys been all my life? Their performance was massive with great music and a hold on the crowd. Fleshgod Apocalypse are definitely the real deal, no bullshit just 100% metal.

Right after being stunned by such a performance I went over to the main stages to hear Cannibal Corpse play a few tunes as I took a peek at the Jagermeister tent. Damn they have some hot Jagerettes. I even ran into the drummer and guitarist of Derelict (whoever books Heavy MTL needs to get them for next year).

Goatwhore: After chatting I went back to Scene De L’Apocalypse to see one of my favorite death metal bands, Goatwhore. Just before the set, rain started coming down so I hid under the tree for their set because I am a wuss. Goatwhore kicked things off and ripped track after track. This band was so hot steam was rising from the rain pelting the musicians. If the rain did not make the fans wet, they were probably went from how amazing Goatwhore was.

Deftones: Walking back to the big stages, we all walked through the mud only to be rewarded by the last few songs of Killswitch Engage’s set and Deftones. These legends jammed out hits that metal heads have had engraved in their memories. Chino has a great humor as he had a nose bleed but, with such lack of blood, it wasn’t metal enough. It was also a great chance for me to see them with a different bass player for the first time but, it is still not the same without Chi.

The Faceless: This is when night hit and it was pitch black outside. The Faceless took to the Scene De L’Apocalypse and they performed with their new vocalist and bassist (Evan Brewer). These guys are one of the most talented bands with excellent instrumental work that’s both calming and aggressive. They have definitely played with new ideas diversing them from other death metal acts. Also their new vocalist is a beast with his movements like The Hulk. During the performance we got to hear 2 new songs from their new album.

Battlecross: When The Faceless was done, I moved forward towards the barriers watching Battlecross set up on stage. This was another first for me as they are a new band. This performance must have felt odd as they were currently on the American Trespass Festival 2012 performing stadiums. Even so this was a ‘small crowd’ they took what they could get and ripped out a bunch of songs. This was the stage where the real metal fans were instead of at System Of A Down. Overall these guys can thrash and they are very down to earth people. They just want to play music.

After Battlecross I went over the bridge and waited for my friends as they watched System Of A Down. I could hear SOAD but they are definitely not my cup of tea. As I a guy who made fun of the band in high school I was excited to hear “Toxicity” as that was a song I always made fun of. Anyways…the overall night was a blast and already I was excited for day 2 of Heavy MTL.

If you have any photos/videos post them below in the comments.

Review By: CheeK