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Lately Tyler Guilda has been rocking hard with his band Dr. Acula. It seems now he has rejoined his previous band My Bitter End. Check out MBE’s Michael Ranne statement: “Good day friends. This is Mike writing. As most of you know, we had to part ways w/ Tim Zlinsky recently due to him not only living really far away, but also because of some creative differences we had as well. We love Tim. He’s not only an amazing person, but his natural talent as a metal vocalist is unmatched and he will always be considered family to us. With that being said though, it didn’t feel like MBE when we released the two new songs w/ him. He knew and we knew it.

We thought about auditioning others, but that didn’t feel right either. The only reason we had tim come and jam w/ us was because we go way back w/ him just like everyone else who is in the band. So…after talking it over w/ him and solidifying plans, it’s our pleasure as a band to welcome back our longtime friend and brother Tyler Guida into the band as lead vocalist. We have never lost touch w/ Tyler the entire time since being a band again, and he has always expressed that he wanted to have something to do w/ the band one way or another so it only felt right that he should be the lead voice of us once more.

When we approached him w/ the idea he was instantly down for it, and that’s that. So yea…Tyler is back. Expect great things from us in the future. Tours(not right away but eventually), LOTS of new music…the whole nine.
Much love,
Michael Ranne and the rest of My Bitter End (Tyler Guida, Chris Henckel, Pat Linfante, and Todd Ranne)”

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