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Date: August 12, 2012
Venue: Parc Jean Drapeau
Location: Montreal, QC, Canada
Line Up:

Scene Heavy MTL: Dance Laury Dance, Protest The Hero, Gojira, The Dillinger Escape Plan, In Flames, Slipknot

Scene Jagermeister: Blind Witness, Overkill, Trivium, Suicidal Tendencies, Marilyn Manson

Scene De L’Apocalypse: Hollow, The Agonist, iwrestledabearonce, B.A.R.F., Emmure, Cancer Bats, Sword, Voivod

After a good night sleep I was back at Parc Jean Drapeau for the second day of Heavy MTL. When I got to the grounds, Dance Laury Dance was on stage playing their brand of southern metal. Instead of watching them I got ready for Blind Witness.

Blind Witness: This was the final show for Blind Witness as they performed at the biggest local metal show in Quebec. They kicked off their metalcore style breaking down and shouting/screaming giving fans a final taste. As much of a fan I was, I was dissapointed with the set as their sound was covered by the bass drum making it hard to hear anyone else. It is sad to see Blind Witness leave the Canadian metal/hardcore scene as they were one of my favorites to witness when they came to Oshawa/Whitby. Hopefully they do a reunion one day or all start new killer bands.

Protest The Hero: Speaking of Oshawa/Whitby…The original Whitby boys who said they are from Toronto, Protest The Hero, performed next with their face melting instrumentals. As soon as PTH started, kids went wild singing along with vocalist Rody Walker, the beer and chip consumptioner. Once again he made the fans go crazy during the songs and then made us laugh during his banter. What a comical guy. Protest The Hero are a band that are hard to take serious. I love them guys for what they do. If PTH reads this…PLAY A HOME SHOW AGAIN.

After the youngins finished the oldies, Overkill, took over thrashing about. During this time I sat on the hill trying to give my feet a break for one of my favorite bands…

Gojira: The frenchies of the festival, Gojira, are back with some new tunes and a bunch of energy. These guys are powerful yet mellow. They can stand their just headbanging at one moment and then just thrash across the stage the next. These guys opened with “Oroborus” and from their it was like Godzilla came to Heavy MTL and stepped on us all. I am thankful that Gojira did not drop off the bill with their tour getting cancelled.

Trivium: When you thought things could not keep kicking ass, Trivium arrives on the stage beside… “IN WAVES” we hear Matt Heafy shout and from that point on fans could not stop headbanging and singing along to every word. The band selected a few new songs changing up their set from last year. This is a band that deserves their fame and more. On a side note, I want to say Matt Heafy is a very kind guy as I have had the privilage of interviewing him in Toronto on the Dream Theater tour (October 2011).

The Dillinger Escape Plan: Right after a few tidy acts it was time for the wild The Dillinger Escape Plan to cause havok on Scene Heavy MTL where they jumped on everything possible and even busted the cover off the front speaker. TDEP are just a load of energy which explodes. I think they had more energy then everyone at the festival had combined. If anyone ever meets the members of TDEP, ask them how the hell they have that energy. I am 25 and I would pass out if I even spent 2 minutes doing what they do every night.

Suicidal Tendencies: When all the destruction was done, legendary hardcore band Suicidal Tendencies took over playing real hardcore, not the stuff we hear these days (looks at Emmure). In this time from my tiredness from TDEP I decided to head to the Jagermeister tent to see a friend and some hot Jagerettes (I am single so it’s cool). I wish I had bionic legs so I could watch ST closely cause they kick ass. If you look at the Jagermeister hats that were given out at the festival they were a copy of the Suicidal Tendencies hat.

In Flames: These guys were chosen to replace Lamb Of God? As much as I like In Flames I didn’t feel the need to watch In Flames as I have seen them I’m guessing 15 times. So I just relaxed and listened to them.

I also chilled during Marilyn Mansion since I really dislike this mans music. My one exception is “Beautiful People” that might be because Soulfly covered it making it cooler.

Slipknot: So to this point I have made all the bands sound like a blast and nothing could trump them. True that bands like Gojira, Trivium, Protest The Hero are all amazing to see and I highly recommend their music to anyone into heavy music BUT, show wise 1 band took the cake at the last minute. The one and only Slipknot hit the stage with 8 masked men who musically knocked everyone off their feet. These 8 definitely put on a show that had energy getting the crowds fist pumping, head banging, feet jumping and people circle pitting. Throughout the majority of the set it was an awesome Slipknot show (like all of theirs) BUT, nearer to the end the band was overshadowed by a (2) banner in honor of their fallen bassist, Paul Grey.

As soon as this came up, luck must of been on my side as I witnessed Sid Wilson (0) pop out into the crowd like a cannon ball as he made his way towards the light tower where he got over the crowd. With how fast this was I think everyone around me was confused but at the same time knew what happened. As soon as the next song starts the maniac runner drops into the crowd surprising fans before getting down and going back to the stage. This was absolutely amazing and daring dropping on unexpecting fans. How can us ‘maggots’ have more fun after this?

“SPIT IT OUT” starts up and the place explodes as fans who have seen Slipknot know the low down. Halfway through the song we all have to crouch down…waiting….waiting…we even see (0) go into the front of the crowd with a couple of security guards who he makes crouch with the maggots…waiting…waiting…waiting…BAM Corey Taylors hits the ignite and the whole place jumps up causeing fans everywhere to just keep jumping up and down as we sang the rest of the song. The show from there on was lively with fans and even Joey tipping his kit.

Wow what a night. I have seen Slipknot a bunch of times but this one definitely took the cake for a Slipknot performance. I can’t wait to see them again once again so I can join in the fun yet again.

If you have any photos/videos post them below in the comments.

Review By: CheeK