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Dirge Within has announced that they will more on without their vocalist Jeremy “Jerms” Genske. Maybe it’s because he has…Jerms. Here is a stament from the band: “As a few of you have been inquiring, we feel the need to be honest with our fans. We did have a fill in singer last night at the House of Blues Chicago with Static X. There have been many events leading up to our singer’s departure from the band, although he has not contacted any of us yet and officially quit.

Jerms has been absent from many practices while the rest of the band has been hard at work rehearsing and preparing for shows. He refused to be in certain scenes in our latest video unless his girlfriend could also be in the video, which the rest of the band did not agree with.

He has made it very difficult for us to work with him and has not shown interest in being a part of this band. We were told by Jerms that he could not play this show due to personal reasons.

As a band, we decided that we wanted to be there for our fans and continue on to play the show last minute using fill in singer “Adam Gilley” from Product Of Hate. We were asked personally by Wayne Static to play this show and no one in the band wanted to miss out on playing such a killer show with good friends.

We have had to decline three shows prior due to Jerm’s personal schedule and the band did not feel like he has been honest with us. This band respects our fans and will continue to put forth are best efforts as we always have, in order to deliver an amazing show and music.

Frankie, Shaun, Chuck, Jimmy.”

Then they added: “Thank you for the support from our fans! We will not be making any further comments regarding this brief setback and promise to come back swinging with crushing live shows! Stay tuned for all things Dirge Within!”

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