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HTH: You have just released your new album Life Apocalypse. How has the reception been for it?
Kyle: Really strong, almost every review has been incredible and the old fans are digging it.

HTH: What made you decide to name it Life Apocalypse?
Kyle It was the best words to describe some of our darker feelings while writing this record. We try to write how we feel, and we felt that was a passionate direction.

HTH: How did you guys go about writing this effort?
Kyle: We just sat down in our rehearsal space and wrote. Some songs took days, others months.

HTH: Do you think of the live show when you write?
Kyle: Yes, we didn’t on the first album but before we considered a song done we always considered how it would go over live.

HTH: On the album, you guys wrote a few instrumentals. What made you decide to bust these out for the record?
Kyle: We thought they just helped the flow of the album. The acoustic thing we wrote was emotionally heavy, which is sometimes heavier than distortion.

HTH: I love the art work from Bjorn Gosses for the album. Who came up with the concept and is there a meaning behind it?
Kyle: We came up with the concept but he really brought it to life and added the coffins and beat up dock. The man is a genious.

HTH: Sacha Laskow (Divinity) I see produced and even added violin, cello, piano and synth to ‘Life Apocalypse’. What made you decide to work with him?
Kyle: Again, when your making and recording an album it will last forever, so you want to go with the best. That’s why we went with Sacha, the man is a genious. A sweet genious.

HTH: You have a European tour with Arch Enemy and Voivod coming up next month. Are you big fans of these 2 bands?
Kyle: We love both bands and have been talking about touring with them before we even started the band. It is a dream come true.

HTH: What can European fans expect from you guys on this tour?
Kyle: They can expect to see some Canadians kicking some ass!

HTH: What are your plans for after this tour?
Kyle: Not too sure, right now we’re just focusing on Europe. It’s a huge undertaking for an independent band. We’re really excited.

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