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Rating: 7.2/10
Label: Victory Records

Between The Buried And Me first saw success with Victory Records, before leaving to Metal Blade Records. To commemorate this, a Best Of collection was released summing up their time from 2003-2009. The two disc set covers a wide breadth of material including the albums: The Silent Circus, Alaska, Colors, The Great Misdirect and Colors Live.

While listening to Best Of, fans can hear the progression BTBAM made over the 6 year period. When they first started they were chaotic but as time went on, they honed their talents creating complex melodies improving their overall sound.

Along with the 2 CD set, a DVD is also included containing the band’s 3 music videos and a film titled “Synesthesia” which gives the visuals to Colors. This is great for new fans of BTBAM as they can hear the progression of the group over 6 years.

Track Listing:

CD 1:
01. Mordecai
02. Ad A Dglgmut
03. Aesthetic
04. Shevanel Take 2
05. Alaska
06. Selkies: The Endless Obsession
07. All Bodies
08. Backward Marathon
09. Foam Born A: The Backtrack
10. Foam Born B: The Decade Of Status
11. Prequel To The Sequel
12. Viridian
13. White Walls

CD 2:
01. Mirrors
02. Obfuscation
03. Mordecai (live)
04. Shevanel Cut A Flip (live)
05. Backwards Marathon (live)
06. Ad A Dglgmut (live)
07. Selkiess: The Endless Obsession (live)

01. Mordecai (music video)
02. Alaska (music video)
03. Obfuscation (music video)
04. Synesthesia (Trailer)

Run Time: 132:01
Release Date: 3.29.2011

Between The Buried And Me: Band Page

For Fans Of: Giles, A Hero A Fake, Opeth, Protest The Hero
Review By: CheeK