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HTH: You guys are once again putting on Woodstock Funfest. What made you guys decide to host a festival in your hometown?
Ben: Woodstock has been a great place for shows since we started, and there is strong support here for the metal scene. The crowds are always wicked, and it’s become somewhat of a hotspot for bands to come play. This is the third Funfest and it’s been great the last two times, and there’s a lot of anticipation this year, and a very strong lineup!

HTH: You have a great line up this year (Derelict, Endast, Odium…). What made you decide on these acts?
The whole idea of Funfest is to bring in bands, that are close friends of ours, or bands we really love. This year is no exception, we love having a huge show like this, and who better to share the stage with then the bands we have made friends with over the years. We always like to bring in new bands that we are fans of as well. A few new bands to Woodstock that I think people will love are Montreal’s Beheading of a King and Guelph’s Mandroid Echostar.

HTH: What can newcomers expect from this years Funfest?
Ben: This lineup is the most diverse we have had, basically they can expect a lot of great fresh music, some intense mosh pits and wicked times. The funfest is always a huge party and I don’t think this year will be any exception.

HTH: Along with a killer music festival, what other fun things are there to do in Woodstock?
Ben: Woodstock is a growing town, but, not a very exciting one. It’s still a small town, so aside from hitting the regular bar circuit and parties, we don’t have much going on. I think that’s a large part of what fuels the strong scene here.

HTH: Whats the most fun thing to do in the world?
Ben: Poop.

HTH: Can you give us a fun fact about Misguided Aggression?
Ben: Funfest is our 8 year anniversary! We will have some fun stuff in store for everyone at the show!

HTH: Any final fun words for fans?
HTH: There are so many wicked bands playing this year, make sure to go download the compilation from Exclaim (http://exclaim.ca/MusicVideo/ClickHear/various-woodstock_funfest_3_compilation), and follow us on twitter @wdsk_funfest