HTH: You guys are playing Woodstock Funfest this year. What can fans expect from Derelict at this festival?
Eric: Lots of energy, tightness and brutality! This is our first show west of Toronto with our new lineup, and I’m not shy to say this is the best combination of musicians we have ever had. We’re looking forward to proving it in Woodstock.

HTH: Out of all the bands on the bill, who are you most excited to share the stage with?
Eric: It’s always wicked to play alongside our brothers in Misguided Aggression, Odium, Endast and Ending Tyranny. I’m personally quite excited to see Mandroid Echostar as well because they sound amazing. And although they’re also from Montreal, we’ve had very little contact with Beheading Of A King, so it’ll be cool to hang out with them as well.

HTH: So lets get into some fun facts. Whats the most fun thing to do in the world?
Eric: The cliché answer would be to play music live for people, but it’s totally true. A non-cliché answer (hopefully) from my end would be learning about advances in technology and expanding ones mind through learning. Haha…

HTH: Can you give us a fun fact about Derelict?
Eric: I can give you several. There is a 10-year age gap between our youngest and oldest member. We share our jam space with the Montreal hip hop group, Cannonhead. We’ve played in every Canadian province except Newfoundland. Our combined weight is just under 900 pounds, which means I guess we aren’t that heavy after all…

Any final fun words?
Eric: It’s my personal feeling that ‘snorkel’, ‘diaper’, ‘clamato’, ‘hamstring’ and ‘schnitzel’ are all particularly fun words!

(Oh, and download the dang Funfest comp from Exclaim, why don’t ya: http://exclaim.ca/MusicVideo/ClickHear/various-woodstock_funfest_3_compilation)