Album: Rushing Through The Sky [EP]
Artist: Schoolcraft
Label: Arcane Records

Schoolcraft: Band Page

All tracks produced and mixed by Sean Gregory at The Recording House, Toronto

All songs written by Schoolcraft, Additional strings composed and programmed by Daedalus, Cello by Kitty Thompson on tracks 2, 3, 4, & 6, Drums by Scott Brindley

Artwork by Gogo Melone

© 2012 Schoolcraft, under the Songwriters Association of Canada Song Vault
SOCAN publishing 2012


released 25 September 2012
Schoolcraft would like to thank: Biggest thank you to my love Rob Holden for none of this would have been possible without your support and belief in me, David “Daedalus” Habon for your endless friendship and lending your brain and talents to this project, Dr. Sean Gregory for being chill and making this possible, Kitty Thompson and Hank, Gogo Melone for the beautiful artwork, my sisters in Eve’s Apple for keeping me sane during this process, Mary Byron Photography, Chee Kam, Scott Brindley, Matt Kelly, my vocal coach Jackie McIntyre, Chana “Ruby” Fortune, Heather McNab and Seth, Inertia Entertainment, Eric Sanchez at Dame Nation, my brothers in Daedalean Complex, Grace Meridan and Shield of Wings, Ame and The Unvoiced, Robin Stryker at Sonic Cathedral, John Medeiros at Razor Barbie Clothing, Mimi Robins and Unleash the Furies, Mary and The Black Lamb, my biggest influences: Ben Moody and We Are The Fallen, The Birthday Massacre, VAST, Johnny Hollow, My Family: Mum, Dad, Gramps, and last but not least my little sister Mel (“Monkey”) for embracing me and just being you, I love you!