Rating: 7.2/10
Label: Roadrunner Records

On March 8th, 2010, it was announced that vocalist ZP Theart left DragonForce after 4 studio albums. Two years later the band released their 5th full length entitled The Power Within which debuts new vocalist Marc Hudson. Now the question is, does he fill the shoes ZP had worn not long ago?

Like every DragonForce record the songs are fast, complicated and furious. I think they are trying to create another “Through The Fire And The Flames” with a few minor changes. The only difference from The Power Within and their past releases is Marc Hudson’s voice which is not as high pitched as ZP’s but he still hits those piercing notes.

Having a new front-man gives DragonForce more diversity in their sound. Maybe they should find a new guy for each album? Just a suggestion.

Track Listing:

01. Holding On
02. Fallen World
03. Cry Thunder
04. Give Me The Night
05. Wings Of Liberty
06. Seasons
07. Heart Of The Storm
08. Die By The Sword
09. Last Man Standing
10. Seasons (Acoustic Version)

Run Time: 50:18
Release Date: April 15, 2012

DragonForce: Band Page

For Fans Of: Dream Theater, Within Temptation, Mutiny Within
Review By: CheeK