Date: September 28, 2012
Venue: Riley’s Pub (Upstairs)
Location: Oshawa, ON, Canada
Promoter: Arcane Records
Line Up: Schoolcraft, Moonlit Eyes

The night was young and hockey fans were roaming Oshawa, ON for beer, nachos and a game. Upstairs at Riley’s Pub, a group of music lovers gathered for Schoolcraft’s Rushing Through The Sky EP release party. After a bit of mingling the first artist was on.

Moonlit Eyes took the floor alone with her acoustic and bubblie personality. Having taken a 2 year hiatus from performing live, Julie Nolan had a rusty start but, soon found her groove and played an inspirational set. Her voice was poppy and melodic as she sang her heart warming songs over her acoustic. She gave us a taste of what to expect from her future EP and a cover of The Gaslight Anthem. I am definitely excited to hear the EP when it finally gets released. When Moonlit Eyes finished, Julie packed up her acoustic/mini amp leaving a piano, drum set and harp waiting on the floor.

Moonlit Eyes: Hell Bound [Song Stream]

Schoolcraft and her trusted drummer Scott Brindley (Mary And The Black Lamb) sat behind their respected instruments and started off with “Into The Night”. Throughout the set, Rushing Through The Sky EP was played in its entirety with a few extra songs thrown in. The emotional and cold the music filled Riley’s Pub as Lindsay Schoolcraft sang her heart out on every song. On one song, Lindsay got up from the piano only to sit with her harp as she plucked the strings. This was a set that definitely won over new fans and new hearts.

Schoolcraft: Rushing Through The Sky [Album Stream/ Download]

The two ex-Princess Riot members have definitely matured with their writing as they have taken on these 2 solo projects (Schoolcraft, Moonlit Eyes). If anyone gets a chance to see these 2 perform, please do as they are both relaxing but show lots of emotional energy. Buy the new Schoolcraft EP online HERE or pick up a copy at a Schoolcraft show.

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