Date: September 28, 2012
Venue: The Atria
Location: Oshawa, ON, Canada
Promoter: Boneless Productions
Line Up: Exes For Eyes, The Great Sabatini, Left Hand Creation, Ill-Defined

After seeing the Schoolcraft EP Release Show, I headed over to The Atria for my metal fix. When I walked in, the young Ill-Defined was on stage rocking out with their backwards hats and their heavy metalcore style. I sat down and saw the young crowd that flooded the main part of the room. I admit, I felt old as I watched Ill-Defined perform.

After I-D finished Left Hand Creation took to the stage (wonder how many times they have played The Atria this year alone). Anyways they started things off with a hiccup as Ryan White’s amp messed up on him becoming a loud box of pure noise. Because of this, TyDamn Electric gave up his amp making LHC down a guitar for a night. Soon after bassist Rob Holden started having trouble with his patch cord (hopefully) making his notes stutter. With the group running at 60%, they played their set sounding a bit different then usual. Guess this was the equipments way of asking for a break.

Left Hand Creation: Rise Creations Rise [Song Stream]

Now that we have the locals out of the way, The Great Sabatini was up next with the first stop of their North American tour. TGS set up their lighting, instruments and tv then got right into things. They smashed, screamed and rocked out like it’s nobody’s business. As I watched the set I was fixated on the drummer, Steve Vargas. With a very simple drum kit, he makes it sound much larger as he hits the skins with might. The energy was definitely with him as well in the other members. The Great Sabatini are a powerhouse of energy that definitely needs to come back.

The Great Sabatini: The Royal We [Album Stream/Download]

Following TGS, Exes For Eyes got on the miniature stage for their debut show in Oshawa, ON. With their big drunken birthday boy, they started off the set with “Feel Again”. While the stage was erupting with fun times, the floor was very calm which James decided to call out trying to get the crowd more pumped. Even with a slow crowd, Exes For Eyes still put on an energetic/funny show. Hopefully next time they play Oshawa, fans will be more wide awake.

Exes For Eyes: Feel Again [Song Stream/ Download]

Before I finish this show review I would like to say that The Great Sabatini and Exes For Eyes absolutely kick ass and Left Hand Creation needs to get their album out. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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