Rating: 9.3/10
Company: Warner Home Video
Date: Sept 16th 2008
Format: DVD

In a time when TV shows branch ideas off one-another, Pushing Daisies has sprouted out
of the ground with a new and innovating concept. The story revolves around a pie maker named Ned (Lee Pace) who owns his own restaurant, “The Pie Hole”, as in, Shut Your “Pie Hole” or in this case Open Your “Pie Hole”. Assisting Ned at his restaurant is waitress Olive Snook (Kristin Chenoweth) and his childhood companion golden retriever, Digby.

In addition to being a pie maker, Ned has the ability to use his hands as to bring dead people back to life by simply touching their skin. However, each time Ned brings someone back to life for over one minute, another person must die. This talent of raising the dead lands him an investigative partnership with private investigator Emerson Cod (Chi McBride). At the start of season one Ned and Emerson are hired to find out who killed Charlotte Charles (Anna Friel), Ned’s childhood friend or as Ned knows her, Chuck. Ned, of course, brings Chuck back to life and she accompanies Ned while he solves murders.

Pushing Daisies, as I said earlier, is a unique show by the premise of the storyline. It is fast paced with dialog that has a strong play on words. They also reference famous films, doing a mockery of well known scenes, making it a show that demands multiple viewings to catch the under toned jokes. Another unique aspect of the show is that it gives off a fairytale vibe by the blast of bright colours which give a positive feel even during emotional scenes. The majority of scenery is made with visual effects which expand the Pushing Daisies world. They also play with the camera work fading in/out and zooming in/out which magnifies certain situations. Everything about this show is original ; it’s an unusual show that everyone should check out.

Episodes: 9
Bonus Features:
Pie Time – Time For Pie

For Fans Of: Hannibal, Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls
Review By: CheeK
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