Seems Raj can speak to girls now. The geek, Raj (Kunal Nayyar) from the hit TV series, The Big Bang Theory will be getting a girlfriend named Lucy. Lucy will be played by Kate Micucci (Raising Hope, Garfunkle And Oates). Kate has signed a multiple episode deal with the first being the Valentine’s Day episode (Feb 14th) titled “The Tangible Affection Proof”.

The episode: “It’s a big one for Leonard and Penny — there might be somebody getting down on one knee,” co-star Johnny Galecki (Leonard). “We never started doing holiday event shows until two or three seasons in, when we did the Christmas episode. That was a big hit, and we struck a chord of sentimentality with our audience, and we’ll continue to do so. The Valentine’s Day episode will be that.”

Check out the episode and Kate Micucci’s band Garfunkle And Oates who has put out a few hilarious albums.