Track 1: Chase The Blues
Fights And Fires: We always try to bring something different with each record. On our first EP we started off with a slow burn, then on our first album we kicked off by being fast and aggressive. When it came to “We Could All Be Dead Tomorrow” we decided to get just skip the whole intro to the album concept and throw the listener in at the dead end with an anthemic, catchy song.

Track 2: Backbone
Fights And Fires: We wanted to keep the tempo of the record going and so made the two songs rush and blend into each other. Backbone is one of my favourite songs and one of the first tracks that really helped us shape the Rock N Roll edge we tried to carry on throughout the rest of the record. Lyrically it’s about when you have a painful, destructive relationship and you just wish you could forget about it.

Track 3: Tread Water
Fights And Fires: This song was a diamond in the rough… going into the studio it was initially not one of my favourite songs but now, we all love it and are probably going to make it our next single release by making a music video for it. This was also the first song off the album we mixed, so it was really exciting to hear how the record was sounding for the first time.

Track 4: You Don’t Always Reap What You Sow
Fights And Fires: The first 3 tracks all blend into each other and this is the first time we give you a break to take a breath between songs! Although, we still don’t slow the tempo as this is 1:35 of Riff heavy Punk Rock. It features one lyric that we all think sums up music sometimes “Its nothing but Rock N Roll, Why do you try and steal it’s heart and soul.”

Track 5: If I’m Forrest, Then Your Jenny
Fights And Fires: I love Forrest Gump its hands down my favourite film. I always had this girl I liked and pretty much would do anything for and she would often take it for granted. Then one day one of my friends said I was like Forrest and that she was my Jenny, and that really struck a chord with me and helped me to move on and write this song. This song also features my favourite riff we have ever written towards the end of the song, every time I hear it I have to bang my head.

Track 6: Rats And Vultures
Fights And Fires: This number is probably the darkest song on the album both musically and lyrically. But as a fun side note, the producer Neil Kennedy, went out jogging listening to early mixes of our album and got the idea to have the sound of breathing over the intro, when he found himself running to the tempo of the song. It fit perfectly.

Track 7: Cats Lives
Fights And Fires: Every album needs a slow song and this is ours. It started off as a jam at practice and at first we felt a slow song wouldn’t fit in with the tempo of the record as we planned to keep it short, sharp and crisp. But this riff just kept coming back and was fun to play so it stuck. I added some lyrics about the difficulty of balancing being in a touring band and your home life… and the rest as they say is history.

Track 8: Mothers Advice
Fights And Fires: This song was the first song we wrote for “We Could All Be Dead Tomorrow” and in fact it was nearly on our last record, but we decided to let it mature as we didn’t think it was ready. In some ways you can tell it’s the oldest song as it has more of a Post-Hardcore edge like our last record.

Track 9: Haunted House
Fights And Fires: Ryan nearly drove us insane trying to record the verse to this song on guitar, he had a complete mental block and it took hours. That aside, this was a really fun song to record as it was the last one we wrote for the record, so the whole process felt exciting and new. We also had loads of ideas whilst recording this song such as the “Hey’s” on the chorus and background claps.

Track 10: BFF… For Now
Fights And Fires: We got our friend, Will, the vocalist from Our Time Down Here to guest on this song, alongside our buddies As We Sink to do group vocals. It was a really great experience to have our talented friends contribute to the record. During this song we have a little homage to The Refused, a band that changed and shaped the way we think of hardcore.

Track 11: Small Town Boy pt II
Fights And Fires: Lyrically this song is the most personal I have ever written. It deals with my fear of dying alone and unloved and although a stupid thought to dwell on, I know many people share this concern. I decided to write this song after a friend of mine and his long term girlfriend broke up, he was so upset he couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. I think it’s the perfect closer track for the album, it leaves you with something to think about. This song had to be last as anywhere else in the album, it’s more serious and bleak tone would have just spoilt the party!

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