Rating: 8.2/10
Label: Golden Morning Sounds
Commonly, artists/bands bare their weight on the vocalist to lead them to success. Because of this trend, we as listeners have often been deprived of instrumental sounds with the occasional exception of guitar shredding. Australasia has come to our rescue, and fulfilled our instrumental deprivation with their EP Sin4tr4, released on Golden Morning Sounds.

With soft instrumentals, the CD takes the listener on an ambient journey simply with the use of guitars and drums. The melodies performed by Australasia helps calm one into a relaxation state only to be woken by heavier sections. These guys definitely hit the mark when it comes to being mellow with 2 guitar harmonies that are the perfect blend of simple and complex. Sin4tr4 truly shows how the 6 string can become a “frontman”.

Track Listing:

01. Antenna
02. Spine
03. Apnea
04. Scenario
05. Satellite
06. Retina
07. Fragile

Run Time: 22:17
Release Date: 08/14/2012

Australasia: Band Page

For Fans Of: The Ocean, Scale The Summit, Pelican