I Killed The Prom Queen will have a drummer for upcoming shows. JJ Peters will be the new drummer. Says JJ: “Dear friends, fans and IKTPQ supporters, after nearly 13 years playing drums in IKTPQ I’m sad to say ill be leaving the band to pursue other projects. While prom queen was on a long hiatus I embarked on other musical projects and ventures that over that time became my full time life and livelihood. Now that IKTPQ has reformed as a full-time band I simply do not have the time for both this, and prom queen.

In my years playing with IKTPQ I made music, friends and traversed the globe with my brothers. These experiences have shaped my life and made me the person I am today. Everything that has happened in my life from the bands inception up till this point, has been directly or indirectly as a result of IKTPQ in one way or another and for that I’m truly grateful.

I want to thank anyone who’s supported IKTPQ and myself over the years, anyone who toured with us, shared a stage with us, gave us a place to stay, came out to a show, bought a CD, bought a shirt or even downloaded our shit for free. You all made it possible for me to live the life that I love.

Most importantly id like to thank all the current and past members of IKTPQ for living this dream with me. The adventures we shared, the good and bad, the ups and downs, are all something only we will ever truly know, and for that reason those are memories I cherish the most.

I wish my brothers the best of luck and I know this new chapter for IKTPQ will bring amazing things for them and I, like those of you reading, am exited to see what the coming years bring for I Killed The Prom Queen.

much love.

yours sincerely, JJ Peters“