90s punk rock catalysts Samiam have announced the first-ever US vinyl pressing of their Atlantic Records classic Clumsy to be released via Siren Records on Record Store Day (April 20th). Clumsy was produced by Lou Giordano (Sunny Day Real Estate, Sugar, Millencolin) and released in 1994 via Atlantic Records – Samiam’s first and only major label release. After 19 years of global touring with bands like Blink 182, Green Day, and Bad Religion along with four full-length records, Clumsy has finally made its debut to the US vinyl circuit.

500 black units are available for pre-order now, where every purchaser is entered to win a test pressing of the record. 1,500 red/numbered units will also be available on Record Store Day.

Guitarist Sergie Loobkoff on Clumsy: “We had all flipped out over Sugar’s Copper Blue, which Lou (Giordano) produced, and couldn’t believe our fortune in pairing up with him. All of us learned so much from that guy and he is personally responsible for how all subsequent Samiam songs were written and recorded. I think Clumsy was a huge step forward for our little ragtag group. Now, 19 years later, I listen to it and really appreciate the quality of sound that Lou sculpted. This record is imperfect…in a totally neat way.”