Rating: 7/10
Company: VIZ Media
Date: Jun 21st 2011
Format: DVD

How would you feel if your destiny was chosen for you from birth? Yoshimori Sumimura had his life mapped out from the day he was born following the tradition of being the 22nd Kekkaishi of the Sumimura clan. Having this title it is his duty to protect the sacred land, Karasumori with his magical energy box making ability called Kekkai.

Yoshimori is not the only one who has been deemed this task. Tokine Yukimura, from the rival family, has as well. The Yukimura family also feels this land is theirs and must protect it with kekkai. The series, Kekkaishi follows these two Kekkaishi on their endless battles protecting Karasumori by night and going to school (also on the land) by day.

Kekkaishi is a series made for a younger audience. The kekkai power is simply the power to create energy boxes that can capture an object or being. With the box, the size of the captured being or object can change or the contents can explode inside, depending on what the Kekkaishi wants to do. This power keeps the show’s violence rating at a minimum with the odd scratch and stab from an enemy. To help make it enjoyable for a younger audience, the story line is very simple and to the point but even an older anime fan can be happily entertained by this story line.

Kekkaishi: Set One covers the first 13 episodes of the series which gives us an insight into the main characters’ past and present. They also use a few episodes to scrape upon the Shadow Organization which I am guessing will become a main story topic in the series ahead.

Episodes: 1-13
Bonus Features:
Bilingual [Japanese & English] / English Subtitles / Clean Opening / Clean Ending / Production Art / Storyboard Art / Japanese Cast Credits / Kekkaishi Trailer

For Fans Of: Bleach, Naruto, InuYasha
Review By: CheeK
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