Rating: 7.2
Label: Epic Records / Immortal Records

July 26th, 2004 Incubus performed at Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado for a sold out live show. With the footage captured, a DVD was produced entitled Alive At Red Rocks and released on November 23rd, 2004. This is the DVD debut of bassist Ben Kennedy.

If you have witnessed an Incubus show you will know what to expect. The group creates a jam like space on stage where the musicians perform with the fan’s eyes watching. They rock out favorite tracks like “Wish You Were Here”, “Pardon Me”, and “A Certain Shade Of Green”, among many other greats. A total sum of 19 songs are performed with the enthusiastic fans joining in. There is even a new rendition of “Drive” where guitarist Mike Einzinger performs on his Fender Rhodes piano. What makes an Incubus show “Stellar” is when individual band members gets their time to shine as they present their instrumental skills during some of the bridges. Throughout this ruckus, fans go loco hearing the near perfection of the band.

Visually, Zane Vella captured the band on their massive stage. Personally I found the visual portion boring because the outside view focused solely on the stage and failed to capture the energy projected by the Incubus fans. In my opinion I feel the DVD should have been shot inside the performance showing how the band interacts with one another, giving their point of view.

Along with a live DVD, a CD is added containing 3 studio tracks and 2 live performance songs. Check out the track listing below for the details. I recommend Alive At Red Rocks to any Incubus fan for another good performance video AND some extra songs.

DVD Track Listing:

01. Megalomaniac
02. Nice To Know You
03. Idiot Box
04. Just A Phase
05. Priceless
06. Beware! Criminal
07. Wish You Were Here
08. Here In My Room
09. Drive
10. Vitamin (includes “Everything In Ebb”)
11. Pistola
12. Stellar (includes a portion of “De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da” by The Police)
13. Made For T.V. Movie
14. Talk Shows on Mute
15. Sick Sad Little World
16. Green
17. Pantomime
18. The Warmth
19. Pardon Me
-Photo Gallery (Special Features)
-Backstage & Soundcheck (Special Features)

CD Track Listing

01. Pantomime (in-studio version)
02. Follow (vocal version of the first movement of The Odyssey)
03. Monuments And Melodies
04. Are You In? (live)
05. Circles (live)

Run Time: 140min
Release Date: 11.23.2004

Reviewed By: CheeK
For Fans Of: Our Lady Peace, Primus, Kimone
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