Eric Morgan (guitarist): “Hello, this is Eric and I’m writing to let you know that after nearly nine years, we are closing the book on A Hero A Fake. It’s a bit surreal actually typing out these words, even though we came to the decision a couple months ago, the finality of it is only now setting in. No fights, babies, or rehab. There are just things we want to do musically that require a new start and a fresh perspective — the results of which will be announced soon.

The time I’ve spent with this band has been the most amazing, eye-opening, and rewarding experience of my life. When Justin, Patrick, and I started AHAF back in high school we couldn’t of imagined the journey we were embarking on. From simply being in a room together writing music with friends to getting signed, releasing three full-lengths, and touring the country — we’ve accomplished the things that at one time only lived in our daydream heavy minds.

We’ve been fortunate to have so many great people and musicians have a hand in shaping who we are. Honestly, I couldn’t say enough about how lucky I am to have played music beside every single current and past member of this band.

Of course our story would be impossible without all our fans, family, and friends who gave us the motivation every day to move forward note by note and mile by never ending mile. Thank you so very much, your support has meant the world to us.”

Adds: “We also have a final hometown show coming up a month from now. This will be at Tremont with several awesome locals and Onward to Olympas headlining. Please join us for an awesome night, and lets finish this off with a bang.

Please note that there is always another chapter and though AHAF may be coming to a close, we promise we aren’t going to let you down. Keep an eye out for a big announcement in the coming weeks. love you all and we look forward to gettin jiggy wit it one last time on the 27th!”

Show Date:
09/27 – Charlotte, NC – Tremont Music Hall