Before joining the metal world, Huntress vocalist Jill Janus was a topless DJ named DJ Tuesdae or DJ Penelope Tuesdae. See was pretty good as she won awards from local New York Magazines. She spun on the club circuit and then went on to spin for the Playboy Mansion. Janus says: “I was living in New York City and needed cash. So I learned how to DJ, but added a gimmick to make more money. I did it topless. A few years later, I have Playboy to thank for legitimizing topless DJ’ing as a lucrative business, although I quit when Vexy Strut was formed. That was my goal all along – to get your attention as a singer and songwriter. So what – I showed you my boobs. Mission accomplished!”

Wish we could post these photos but, don’t think our ad client would be to happy with the whole NSFW deal. The Gauntlet has posted a variety of her photos from back in the day so check them out HERE.