Ryan Glisen recently departed from Allegaeon but, now the band has confirmed that he has left the guitar position: “Hey friends!! Well the proverbial cat seems to be out of the bag. Ryan‘s is no longer in Allegaeon and is rocking with a new project. Just so everyone knows it was very mutual and there’s NO hard feelings at all, in fact we’re excited to hear his new craziness in this monster of a group.

It’s a win/win situation in the fullest extent of the term. He gets to do what he wants and we get to so what we want. Which I guess is a win/win/win cause we are both happy and you guys get two rad bands!! If anyone came out to see our tour this summer you’ll know we’ve got things in hand, and shall be announcing not only a new guitar player but our full time drummer along with new album details in the coming months.

Our best wishes to Ryan, we know you’ll kill it, and to the Legion: Hold on to your butts, shits about to get real!!!”

Glisan is a memeber of a new band that is formed with guitarist Wes Hauch (The Faceless) and bassist Marcin “Martin” Rygiel )ex-Decapitated).