Jamey Jasta, the frontman of Kingdom Of Sorrow and Hatebreed, has updated fans about his 2 projects: “Hey everyone! Jamey Jasta here checking in. I’ve spoken with Kirk recently and he has some big Crowbar announcements coming up so make sure to “like” this page –> and stay up to date.

There’s always a chance that Kingdom Of Sorrow will do a few shows or a short tour or maybe a festival or 2 next summer but right now we are still on hiatus and I fully support Kirk making Crowbar his #1 priority. They have a HUGE year or more ahead of them in 2014 with a new album being written now and a ton of tours, festivals & shows being offered to them. As much as I’d love to do a new KOS, there’s no way Kirk can pass up these opportunities for Crowbar and I’m super happy for him, Matt & Tommy.

Next year will be their 25th anniversary & I’ll be busy with the Hatebreed 20th anniversary festivities so we’ll all be very busy and Crowbar hope to have a new album out in the Spring if all goes as planned. Kirk & Robin will update everyone as soon as they know so I like I said, be on the look out for some big announcements from them! Thanks for your support and have a kick ass day! – Jamey“