Have you been looking for a new comedy series to watch on TV? Check out the new series Welcome To The Family which was created by Mike Sikowitz (Rules of Engagement, Grounded For Life). The plot by Wikipedia: “The series follows the clash of cultures involving two American families when Junior, the son of a Latino family, and Molly, the daughter of a Caucasian family, start dating. The two have just graduated from high school, and Junior is Stanford-bound. Then, they discover that Molly is pregnant. The pair decide to get married, forcing a bonding and blending of their two very different families.”

Mike O’Malley as Dr. Dan Yoder
Mary McCormack as Caroline Yoder
Ella Rae Peck as Molly Yoder
Joey Haro as Junior Hernandez
Ricardo Chavira as Miguel Hernandez
Justina Machado as Lisette Hernandez
Fabrizio Guido as Demetrio Hernandez