Dark Angel, Triptykon, Inquisition, Cripple Bastards, Antisect, Sourvein, Left For Dead, Victims, Black Breath, Goat Torment, Capitalist Casualties, The Secret, Seven Sisters Of Sleep, Internal Rot, Maruta, Putrisect, Enabler and Endorphins Lost have been added to Maryland Deathfest 2014. See the full line-up to date with date listings below.

05/22 (Rams Head Live): Coffins, Crowbar, Seven Sisters Of Sleep, Sourvein, Torche, Triptykon, Whitehorse

05/23 (Edison Parking Space): At The Gates, Bongripper, Cancer, Candlemass, Castevet, Dark Angel, Diocletian, Entrails, Goat Torment, God Macabre, Gorguts, Graves At Sea, Hemdale, Inquisition, Machetazo, Mgla, My Dying Bride, Necros Christos, Nocturnus A.D., Orator, Sacrifice, Sarke, Soilent Green, Solstafir, Taake, Tankard, Ulver, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Unleashed, Windhand, Witchrist, Wrathprayer

05/23 (Rams Head Live): Aeternus, Asphyx, Bölzer, The Church Of Pungent Stench, Enthroned, Hooded Menace, Immolation, Incantation, Mitochondrion, Mutilation Rites, Putrisect, Ulcerate, War Master

05/23-25 (Baltimore Soundstage): Archagathus, Antisect, Birdflesh, Black Breath, Capitalist Casualties, Creative Waste, Cripple Bastards, Death Toll 80k, Dropdead, Enabler, Endorphins Lost, Excruciating Terror, Extinction Of Mankind, Final Conflict, In Disgust, Internal Rot, Left For Dead, Maruta, Mesrine, Noothgrush, Ratos De Parao, Rotting Out, The Secret, Shitstorm, Sick/tired, Stapled Shut, Theories, Unholy Grave, Victims