Ian Watkins (ex-Lostprophets) plead guilty yesterday at his trial in Cardiff, UK. He plead for his 13 sexual offenses admitting that he has conspired and sexually assaulted children under the age of 13. He also aided and abetted a woman to sexually assault a child. Along with that, he also informed he had various indecent photographs of children and also took some of the pictures between 2007-2008. To top it off, he had bestiality pornography. In all of this mess though he did deny 2 counts of rape of an 11 month old BUT, he did attempt to try raping this child.

Unnamed 21 year women admitted to aiding and abetting an attempted child rape, aided and abetted child rape, 2 counts of sexually assaulting a child under 13, taking photographs of children and distributing them.

24 year old woman pled guilty to sexual assault of a child under 13 as well as possession/distribution of photographs of children and conspiracy to rape a child under the age of 13.

ALSO, it is suspected, the children abused in the case were of the 2 women in question. To top it off, there’s some disturbing exchanges between Watkins and one of the mothers in question. The reply by Watkins was “hell yes baby” suggesting a “a summer of incest and child porn”.

To top things off, allegations of drug abuse has come up since on of the child in question’s hair tested positive for Methamphetamine. They think crack was used. This rape took place in Shepherds Bush in a hotel and was filmed by the rockstar along with the child’s mother.

As times goes on, the case keeps uncovering new evidence and more sexual actions. I will not be writing these since it makes me sick to write them out. If you want to learn more please check out another site OR maybe I will pound some Jagermeister and update this article. Anyways this is sick shit. Please read some other news on the site since it is usually positive news.