Rating: 7/10
Company: Anime Works
Date: 2008
Format: DVD
Have you ever thought about what other intelligent life lives in this galaxy of ours? It seems we have a vast species that are far superior to us humans. They have better technology, understanding of what’s going on and their scientists have uncovered more truths about the universe. This means cooler weapons and faster space ships that can lead to one of the most badass things a kid would want to be. What if I told you there are space pirates soaring our galaxy? Oh yes, it is true, there are pirates and the most dangerous one is…. Space Pirate Mito.

Space Pirate Mito follows Mito, the childlike alien, who comes to Earth for her son Aoi. Aoi grew up independently on earth as a normal human being. Because of her arrival to the planet, the galactic patrol has followed Mito to earth in hopes of capturing her and gaining the secret weapon she possesses.

The Complete Anthology captures the 2 seasons (Space Pirate Mito & Aoi & Mutsuki: A Pair Of Queens) on a 6 disc set. Space Pirate Mito is about the fight against the galactic patrol while Aoi & Mutsuki: A Pair Of Queens is a fight against the true Queen of the Universe.

Space Pirate Mito: Complete Anthology is an animated children’s series with silly imagery and out of proportion situations but takes on an adult theme near the end of the first season with a confusion of genders (will have to watch to understand). Overall I found the series to be entertaining with some funny imagery. The characters become interesting as the space pirates fight alongside Mito against the various enemies encountered. One downfall of the series is the voice acting. They failed to use any renowned actors for the job. Had they done so the series probably would have been enhanced tenfold.

The Space Pirate Mito series is worth checking out for something fun. Also, if you are into English dubbed animes I would warn you that season 2 is not dubbed but has English subtitles.

Episodes: Space Pirate Mito (13) + Aoi & Mutsuki (13)
Bonus Features: Concept Art / Outtakes / Scene Access / Interactive Menus / Textless Opening and Ending

For Fans Of: Shaman King, School Rumble, Legend Of The Mystical Ninja
Reviewed By: CheeK
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