Aki Siltala has once again created a killer cover art with the new Amoral album Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows. He previously worked with the band for their Decrowning and Reptile Ride covers. This new album will be out February 14th as a CD, double vinyl and digital download. See the track listing for this new release below.

Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows Track Listing:
1. On The Other Side pt. I (7:14)
2. No Familiar Faces (4:07)
3. Prolong A Stay (7:39)
4. Blueprints (4:20)
5. If Not Here, Where? (9:15)
6. The Storm Arrives (6:25)
7. See This Through (6:39)
8. On The Other Side pt. II (9:14)