If you ever ask a Canadian where the heaviest metal is in the country, they will give you one answer…Quebec. To prove this answer, a compilation album was released entitled Metal Carnage Volume -1-. It includes bands such as BornBroken, Insurrection, Cryptik Howling, Reanimator, Death Lullaby and many more. There are 16 bands in total, each offering their brand of metal. Metalcore, thrash metal, death metal and everything in between can be heard on the album.

I think the best way to describe Metal Carnage Volume -1- is heavy, loud, crazy and a supreme compilation of French Canadian talent. Go download the album today to discover new music.

Track Listing:
01. Karkaos: Depths Of Madness
02. Reanimator: Peaceful Eradication
03. Aeon’s Fall: Ideals Of Modernity
04. Pronostic: Hope For Nothing
05. Death Lullaby: The Recovery
06. Kalter: Rhythm Of Passion – The Gathering
07. Rusted: Scream In The Night
08. Tunguska Mammoth: In Due Time
09. Endvade: Another Big One Shelley
10. Burning The Oppressor: Shoot Reload Repeat
11. Reason Prevails: Seeking Integrity
12. Cryptik Howling: Ulysse’s Death
13. BornBroken: Anger Of The Day
14. Insurrection: The Chronophobes
15. Under Aspect: What Does It Mean?
16. Nightmare After Dawn: Walk The Plank
Release Date: 10/05/13