Extol: “It´s been a while since our last update. We´ve had our hands extremely full with post production and we´re now very close to a finished film..!

Thanks to many of you, this project has become a journey we dared not hope for 3 years ago.
We have just signed the first (of hopefully many) broadcasting deals for television and we have started submitting the film to film festivals all over the globe. We have some very exciting months ahead and we´ll keep you posted on updates regarding TV and festivals.

A DVD release is scheduled for the end of 2014. We would love to have released the DVD at an earlier stage, however, due to TV and film festival regulations, late 2014 is the earliest we can do it.

BUT, we´ll make it worth the wait! The TV/festival version is 70 minutes long. The DVD version will be a much longer extended version! + the DVD will contain epic private bonus material from the band on a bonus disc!

Thank you so much for you patience and support, and while you wait for the DVD release, make sure to check in on this page often. We´ll keep you posted on where and when the film in screened.”