While the guys in As Blood Runs Black were at the Oakland, CA date of The Mosh Lives Tour (Emmure, Volumes, Thy Art Is Murder, Sworn In, Gideon), their vehicle got broken into.

Says ABRB: “After last nights recording session as some of us were getting ready to head home and others to another hotel we walked across the street to check out a show at the Oakland Metro for about an hour and when we came out the vehicle we been traveling in was broken into. Some asshole stole all our laptops, hard drives, cameras, iPad, and luggage. Who steals dirty underwear?!? We did what any normal person would do and hid everything from eye site, the windows were tinted, and there was a security guard in the parking lot when we went inside.

Surprisingly they left the guitars which we are using today to track the remainder of the album. We find it odd that our vehicle was the only one singled out and this happened in an open parking lot with people around with quite a bit of stuff stolen. If you or someone you know was at the Emmure Volumes show last night in Oakland and hear or know of anything please get in contact. Doing our best to finish the remainder of the album with what wasn’t taken. GROUND ZERO ?#?cursed?”