Dragonforce will be releasing their new album, Maximum Overload on August 18th (Ear Music) overseas and August 19th (North America) Metal Blade Records. It was produced by Jen Borgren (Opeth Katatonia) and features a few guests.

One of these guests is Trivium frontman Matt Heafy who is on the song “Defenders”. The demo version can be heard below. Says bassist Frederic Leclercq about the cameo: “We’ve always gotten on really well with the Trivium guys and it was great when Matt had a couple of days to spare and agreed to weigh in on some of the songs!”

Guitarist Herman Li said about the album title:

“The album title and album cover artwork is inspired by the constant bombardment of information we are subjected to during our daily lives. We were in an airport departure lounge surrounded by TV screens, flight information screens and advertising screens. We then looked around and no one was saying a word, they were all looking at more screens on tablets, laptops and mobile phones, there’s no escaping it, it’s complete information overload!”