Jeff King of Believer and Fountain Of Tears (keyboardist) has posted a message on Facebook about his struggles with ulcerative colitis and the surgeries he underwent: “The last couple years have been difficult for Believer. Since early 2013 we’ve probably met together as a band in the hospital as much as anywhere else.

I suffered from a very aggressive case of ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune disease that attacks the the large intestines. It didn’t respond well to drug therapies, including the heavy-duty chemo-type drugs.

At its worst I was having diarrhea over 30 times a day with accidents everywhere — at home, at my studio, in the car. I was severely fatigued, malnourished and dehydrated, suffered from a lot of pain, and required frequent hospitalization.

In the end I had to have two major surgeries to remove my entire lower GI tract. Ulcerative colitis and the closely related Crohn’s Disease are severely debilitating illnesses and I feel fortunate to be alive.

The other band members have been extremely supportive throughout my health crisis, and Kurt especially has been instrumental in helping me through this process. It helps to have medical expertise on call when facing one potentially life-altering decision after another.

Now that I am in full recovery mode we’ve been able to turn our attention back to the recording project. That will be the focus of our next update.

Thank you for your patience . . . We are glad to be back!”